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Had a fantastic 2 day knife class this weekend. Unfortunately, his mate could not make it as his work changed around his schedule due to Covid.

The best classes are the ones who want a head start to get into knife making as a hobby. Our classes are a perfect head start as in our 2 day class, we do everything from start to finish even pouring the resin and construction the multi-segmented scales, which is a class in itself!

If I was to pick the hardest part of our class, it would be the free hand grinding we do on the 2x72. I always recommend learning free handing as if you learn with jigs you're very limited on grinds and in my opinion handicapping your ability in the future. Free hand grinding is an art, but luckily we have all the tips to get you into grinding perfect bevels at home!

I love to go over my list of recommended starting tools compared to budget. There are multiple different recommendations for tools depending on your circumstances - such as budget, not sure if you will stick to making, where you live such as apartments where you cannot make much noise. We cover them all.

Reach out to me if you need any help or advice or want any information on our Knife Making Classes conveniently located in Petrie, Brisbane 4502.


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  • Just completed the two day knife making course to celebrate my youngest brother’s 50th along with his son and my eldest brother. We all absolutely loved it and each of us ended up with an awesome knife of our choice made from scratch. We will treasure these forever.

  • Had a great time doing the course, learnt heaps. Walked away with a great knife.
    Would totally recommend this course

    Steve Chapman
  • Had a great 2 days here
    Super casual and very hands on
    Extremely happy with the knife and the class

    Darren Martin
  • Thanks for great day today Shane.
    My mate & I are loving the knives we made. Keep up the great work.
    If you’re thinking “should I do this class”, I’d say “yes you should & bring a mate!”


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