Serbian Cleaver
Serbian Cleaver
Serbian Cleaver
Serbian Cleaver

Serbian Cleaver

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Australian hand made custom Serbian Cleaver

The Serbian cleaver is a highly versatile all-rounder for the kitchen, be meat, veg or even fine work like dicing. You won't be disappointed with the honed to perfection edge and cutting ability of the Serbian Cleaver. 

Things out customers have bought our cleaver for

  • BBQing
  • Camping 
  • Youtube cooking videos
  • to one up their mate
  • be the talking piece of the dinner party
  • food processing

Things that make the Savage Cleaver your #1 choice

  • We use only the best cutlery grade stainless steel
  • Professionally heat treated in house
  • lifetime warranty
  • Your choice of custom Hybrid resin scales we make to order for you!
  • High quality stabilised wood to prevent movement with heat and cold for a knife that will last a lifetime.
  • hand shaped scales for the best feel and easily indexed 

We have sold over 300 of these all hand made by myself! Get yourself a Savage